This will be a shared experience of visionary thought and complex emotion. My goal is to structure these habits and faults of the mind, in purity. As defined through love & compassion of others and ourselves, abstinence from ways of darkness, and actively seeking righteousness through faith and wisdom, purity is obtained only through God fearing individuality. 

I will communicate these themes through garments that emphasize ways of self expression, which will be exercised as a medium to highlight true values of purity in thought, morality, purpose and belief. 

Style, an approach to self expression, enables one's ability to comprehend the real world, allowing us as capable individuals to exhibit uniqueness and creativity. This inventiveness gratifies the capability to faithfully commit to these expressive ways, and can be implemented to uncover the glory in self-awareness. 

Let us all, children of God, open our minds to the truths of this world in Jesus Christ, while proudly breaking free of society’s deceptive chains that falsify the wisdom and understanding written to sit in our palms. 

Purity Chants, Can You Hear It?                                                     

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