1. God’s Gift to Humanity: Jesus Christ

    Many people ask: if God is so loving, why doesn’t he end all suffering and evil? The answer is, quite frankly, that we may be gone first. Our conceptions of good and evil are structured through the foundations of God’s law, which is completely void of all evil. Stated plainly,…

  2. Like You Have A Fever

    Once overcome with the daunting misery of sickness, we are constantly in touch with our state of mind, as well as the everlasting plight that overwhelms the body. During these troubled conditions we tend to focus our attention to our emotions and our well-being, and we are eventually met by…

  3. Open This Part of Me

    The brevity of human life seems to conquer the minds of individuals with senses of hope and motivation. Time, an indefinite structure that governs our lives, captures the essence of purpose as it takes precedence over other intrinsic values. After developing a true understanding of the concept and foundation of…

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