Like You Have A Fever

Once overcome with the daunting misery of sickness, we are constantly in touch with our state of mind, as well as the everlasting plight that overwhelms the body. During these troubled conditions we tend to focus our attention to our emotions and our well-being, and we are eventually met by feelings of hope, believing this sickness will come to pass. Treat the walk through life with such performance, maintaining persistent contact with your purest form of self through consideration of moral behavior and faith (1 Peter 4:1-7). Reaching this state of awareness is a gift unto a newborn soul in Jesus Christ, because with knowledge in God’s word, and the awareness of our decisions and personal devotions, comes the blooming of our understanding. When approaching a world corrupted by deception, one must proceed as they would with a fever. 

To live a life of truth, we must fall in love with the truth. God has prepared for us a plausible truth in his divine teachings, and his words possess the power to guard our hearts from the deceptive ways of this sinful world (Proverbs 4:20-27)! God warns us of the dangers that come with a life of sin, and our commitments to the fallacies kept in our rebellious behavior advocate for our ignorance of this warning. We must realize that by training our minds to seek truth, we are able to conquer these dangers, and as we fill our minds with God’s promises and grace, we are gifted with life and peace. As misleading as the world may be, we are also capable of misinforming ourselves by doubting the word of God and relying on our own understanding (Proverbs 3:4-6). Trust in the power of God, and the wisdom that lies in him, so the fruit that bears in your faith will carry you to the very ends of time. 

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